...Buildings are what we make them. They’re us, our reflection, our story - They embody us.

Warren Lawson Architect, a solo architectural practice of over thirty years in southern California, specializes in custom residential design that follows a simple philosophy:

Home, the place where we spend so much of our lives, should also be the place where we feel most alive.

Whatever its size - a remodel, or new from the ground up - if it’s attuned to life and the earth, the structures we build called home can add dimension to our lives. At their very best, they make waking in the morning a special moment.

As an architect my efforts are directed toward transforming your wants and aspirations as client into a built reality specifically attuned to you - a place that makes your life more interesting and enjoyable, that rewards you for living there.

...The places we inhabit become part of us. For our sake, they deserve to be the best we can make them.

Because the path from early ideas to built reality is rarely straight, effective communication and mutual grasp of design intent by all parties is stressed. Navigating that path is made easier by harnessing the synergy resulting from deep involvement and close coordination of all the project’s participants.

A powerful method used here is “Building Information Modeling”, an essential tool in the project delivery process where it enhances the prospects of your project turning out as desired. With BIM, design intent is more effectively managed, communicated, and comprehended. Risk of faulty and costly design decisions going undetected until later is greatly reduced, thus improving the prospects of getting it right in the end.

Projects includes custom residences, from simple home remodels and additions, to ground-up, high-end homes, including interiors. Past project locations include Malibu, Los Angeles, La Jolla, Big Sur, Phoenix, western Arizona,  Oregon.

Warren Lawson Architect



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